once bitten twice shy

once bitten twice shy
Posted by on May 21 2013

Some say the bark is worse than the bite, but don’t tell that to Riley — who’s twice been bitten and is still not shy.

A happy-go-lucky Miniature Australian Shepherd, Riley once got a little too close to a furry pal at doggie daycare, resulting in bites to his nose and head. “He wasn’t badly hurt, but he was definitely scared,” recalls Riley’s mom, Kira, who rushed Riley to the vet for antibiotics and pain medication.

Of course, this wasn’t Riley’s first tangle with teeth. When he was 3 months old, he was nipped from behind by another dog in the park, an incident that prompted Kira to look into pet insurance.

A few months later, Riley needed emergency treatment for gastroenteritis after eating something he shouldn’t — a problem that sprang up again this past November. “When it happened the second time, I knew that I wouldn’t have to sacrifice my rent to pay for the bills,” says Kira. “Petplan gave me that peace of mind.”

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$2,611 for treatment of a dog bite and gastroenteritis

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