out on a limb

out on a limb
Posted by on Jun 27 2016

Pumper is no foreigner to the vet’s office. He’s swallowed a rock three different times _— one for every birthday he’s celebrated! Though mom Courtney hopes this trend doesn’t continue, she is prepared for whatever her hound sniffs out next. “When people ask me if pet insurance is worth it, I just answer, ‘Have you met my dog?’”

Pumper’s vet visits haven’t always been related to his odd appetite. He also has an angular limb deformity, which makes it difficult to cruise around. “We call it his ‘gangster lean,’” laughs Courtney. She keeps Pumper’s wheels greased with a joint supplement, and his lean certainly hasn’t stopped him from finding trouble. “If I don’t hear anything for five seconds, I know he’s into something!”

3-year-old basset hound

lives in
Stratford, NJ

unexpected tail
$2,900 for rock removals, $424 for lameness (angular limb deformity)