overcoming the obstacles

overcoming the obstacles
Posted by on Sep 27 2016

Best friend first, athlete second. As a service dog and champion agility competitor, Kismet is a fighter. From a heart murmur to epilepsy, degenerative disc disease to foreign body ingestions, she’s overcome more major medical problems than you can count on one paw. And yet she always seems to have a grin on her face and an unwavering positive spirit, according to mom Louise.

Thanks to a combination of traditional and complementary medicine, including cold laser therapy, holistic herbs and supplements, Kismet conquered her most serious opponent: chronic active hepatitis. “Because pet insurance covered all this, Kismet had a remarkable and quick recovery, way beyond expectations,” says Louise. “She’s my heart dog, and for everything I wanted to give her, the insurance was there.”


9-year-old labrador retriever

lives in

Annapolis, MD

unexpected tail

$34,003 for heart murmur, foreign body ingestions, hepatopathy, epilepsy & degenerative disc disease