perfect scents

perfect scents
Posted by on Aug 19 2013

Enter Amity’s home and you’ll be met at the door by her butler by day, Bloodhound by night, Pumpkin - who always comes bearing gifts. Just don’t expect them to contain stuffing.

“She loves to rip the stuffing out of toys and show them off,” laughs Amity, who lives with four dogs — including Pumpkin and a trio of English Bulldogs. With a house full of furry friends, Amity is always on the run, but it’s Pumpkin’s recent troubles that have kept Amity on the road to the vet clinic.

“Her ears are always infected,” laments Amity, who has helped her 126-lb. cuddle monster battle otitis externa, cherry eye, demodex and pyoderma, all in her first year. “We would be bankrupt if it hadn’t been for Petplan pet insurance,” which covered over $3,500 for Pumpkin’s care last year alone. “I’ve had Bulldogs my whole life, but with Pumpkin, I wasn’t sure what to expect, so we took every precaution — and we’re so glad that we did!”

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$3,598 for treatment of otitis externa, cherry eye and skin issues

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