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in the picture
Posted by on Feb 20 2013

Looking through Brett Kaplan’s family photo album, it’s hard to find a picture that doesn’t include Bentley, a 40-lb. Wheaten Terrier whose personality fills the room. “You can’t ever say he’s just a dog,” insists Brett passionately. “Bentley’s a member of our family. I wouldn’t think of taking a family portrait without him.”

In 2009, Bentley’s veterinarian diagnosed a bump on his snout as a nerve sheath sarcoma, an aggressive tumor. After 19 radiation treatments, Bentley was cancer-free, but during a blood test, they discovered a problem with his kidneys. He was referred to Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in New Jersey and set up with a team of specialists, the costs of which were greatly allayed by Bentley’s Petplan pet insurance. “Pet insurance gives me the security of knowing I can do what needs to be done for Bentley, and it will be covered,” says Brett. “At this point it’s about providing him with the best care and quality of life that we can,” reflects Brett. “But that just makes me appreciate our time together exponentially more.”

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