raisin trouble

raisin trouble
Posted by on Nov 30 2015

When Tim and Michelle brought Clyde into their new house, it became a home. He arrived just in time to spread cheer for the holidays, but hasn’t always been merry. “Clyde gets into trouble in the most unique ways,” laughs Tim. He’s always up to something, from swiping some raisin-filled trail mix off of the counter to devouring so much grass it caused him to bloat.

His wandering nose isn’t always to blame — he also fractured his scapula after taking a tumble and suffered a bite from an off-leash dog while on a walk. “Our friends ask how much we’ve spent on all his vet bills,” says Tim, “but we tell them we don’t spend that much; we’re fortunate to have pet insurance.”

4-year-old weimaraner

lives in
san mateo, ca

unexpected tail
$4,847 for fractured scapula, dog bite, raisin poisoning and bloat