shaking things up

shaking things up
Posted by on Dec 07 2011

As a pet parent, you never know what the walk of life will bring.

During a stroll last July, Ralphie began running in circles and foaming at the mouth. Two days later it happened again, accompanied by a seizure. Ralphie’s vet referred him to a neurologist for testing and a spinal tap (which alone was $1,300) before eventually putting him on Phenobarbital – a drug used to control seizures.

Because Ralphie was protected by Petplan, all of his treatments and even the medication can be covered for life.

“Not having to have to make financial decisions about his care is comforting,” admits Heidi, who spent days researching the various pet insurance companies before deciding to enroll Ralphie with Petplan. “It is very economical given how expensive a trip to the vet has become.”

Fortunately for Ralphie, that’s a weight his pet parents won’t have to carry.

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$3,980 (so far) for seizures and other health problems

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