sibling squabbles

sibling squabbles
Posted by on Nov 30 2015

A home is a place filled with love, comfort and the occasional sibling squabble — especially if that home is occupied by two rough-and-tumble English Bulldogs! After one of Wednesday and Buffy’s tiffs, mom Amity found a tooth on the floor. “Part of the root was missing,” she says, “so we had to take Wednesday to the vet to have the rest of her tooth removed.”

When she’s not stirring up family drama, the mischievous Wednesday is shredding stuffing and ripping squeakers out of toys. She once ingested a chew bone that caused a lot of vomiting, so it was off to the vet for X-rays and hospitalization. “She was fine the next day,” says Amity, “but we’re more careful now to watch what toys are around!”

3-year-old english bulldog

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unexpected tail
$2,185 for tooth extraction and foreign body ingestion