skin in the game

Posted by on Dec 28 2016

Brady doesn’t wear snow booties and a puffy coat just to keep warm in the winter. This happy-go-lucky guy needs protection from the elements because of a rare hereditary condition called cutaneous asthenia, which literally translates to “weak skin.” “I first noticed Brady getting little cuts,” says mom Jane. “But they weren’t normal-looking cuts, they were like brush burns.”

When the weird cuts kept appearing, Jane began researching them and discovered the disease, which is characterized by saggy, easily cut skin. Though the chances were incredibly low, a biopsy confirmed cutaneous asthenia. “Thankfully, Brady’s case is mild enough that he just needed some lifestyle changes, like he can’t play with other dogs. But he doesn’t know there’s anything wrong!” says Jane.


2-year-old english springer spaniel

lives in

Royersford, PA

unexpected tail

$1,935 for cutaneous asthenia