stand by me

stand by me
Posted by on Feb 18 2015

Falling down is part of life; learning to get back up is part of living.

During a visit to Virginia, Connie tried to leap into John’s minivan and fell on her back. She seemed to bounce back to all four paws, until a few weeks later, when John noticed she was losing function in her hind legs. A trip to the vet revealed Connie was suffering from intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) — a common spinal problem in French Bulldogs. By the time surgery occurred, Connie’s chances of walking again had diminished to less than 50%.

Connie, however, is used to licking life’s challenges. “She adapted within hours of surgery,” recalls John, who had a more difficult time with his first pet’s fortuity. “The hardest part was accepting she might never walk again. Now, it’s about giving her the best life possible, including fighting off her recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs). Without insurance, that wouldn’t be possible.”

If it weren’t for her mobility cart, you’d never know this sassy, spunky girl had ever taken a tumble. And thanks to Petplan, her stumble wasn’t the end of her journey.

“Walking down the street, you can see people’s attitude change — from feeling sorry to admiring what she’s capable of doing,” John says. “She sees no limitation in her situation — it’s inspirational.”

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$15,781 for IVDD, physical therapy and UTIs

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