stemming the twists and tears

stemming the twists and tears
Posted by on Dec 07 2011

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

After Nina Petina twisted her knee and tore her cranial cruciate ligament (CCL), she spent four months recovering from TPLO surgery (where part of the tibia bone in the leg is cut and rotated to help stabilize the joint). It was no small task with her 12-week-old Great Dane sister, Ily, around.

The next March when Nina tore her other CCL, her pet parents looked into stem cell therapy , which allows pets to better recover from debilitating conditions such as cruciate tears. “The difference was amazing,” recalls Summer. “The recovery was much easier.”

Treatment didn’t come cheap, with costs amounting to more than $10,000. “Petplan is one of the few insurance providers that covers stem cell therapy,” says Summer happily. “We’re thrilled to have them by our side.”

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$6,608 for bilateral CCL injuries and treatment

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