• “tails”
             from fetch!

  • tails-of-the-unexpected
stop and go

Tessa’s the dog who eats the carrot nose off the snowman (no really, that happened!), and she has more energy than you can shake a snowman’s arm at. “Anyone who’s had a German Shorthaired Pointer knows the joke that they slow down two years after they’re gone,” laughs mom Dagmar. But a small bump suddenly put a stop in Tessa’s go.

“It popped up out of nowhere,” says Dagmar. “I couldn’t make any sense of it.” A biopsy identified it as a mast cell tumor — luckily, Tessa’s vet removed it all. But when Dagmar felt another bump a few months later, she thought “Oh, here we go.” This time it came back as a cyst, and since its removal Tessa has returned to her wild ways.


8-year-old german shorthaired pointer

lives in 

Athens, GA

unexpected tail 

$763 for tumor, $307 for cys

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