sweetie snookums snugglebear

sweetie snookums snugglebear
Posted by on May 23 2011

Sometimes a nickname is just a term of endearment. But for Mischief, a King Charles Cavalier, owner Anna DiCiccone isn't so sure. “We originally named her Missy, but it didn’t take us long to realize her nickname, ‘Mischief,’ was part of her personality.” Mischief is a food-loving thief with a big heart – albeit a defective one. At age five she was diagnosed with Mitral Valve Disease (MVD), a degenerative heart disease that affects almost every Cavalier at some point in their life. Mischief currently has a ‘grade 3’ murmur and has been taking pimobendan (Vetmedin) and furosemide for the last few years, but it hasn’t taken the fight out of this feisty pooch. “She definitely suffers from a Napoleon complex,” says Anna. “And she’s always looking to steal mints and chocolates!” Aside from MVD, Mischief also suffers from a wicked cough and hates walks. “True to her name, she’ll hide under the car if we try to go for a walk in the park!”

pet parent
anna diciccone

unexpected tail
$8,000 (so far) to manage, not cure, mitral valve disease

lives in
san diego, ca