a toy story

a toy story
Posted by on Dec 30 2014

Some holidays are more memorable than others. Just ask the parents of Bruno, a large pup with a big heart — and an even bigger appetite for trouble.

On one paw-ticular Christmas that the family will never forget, Bruno decided to make a howl-iday meal out of an orange horseshoe toy. Soon after, he was crying in pain and experiencing diarrhea. When probiotics didn’t lead to a silent night, his parents made an emergency trip to a new vet on Christmas day, where Bruno was diagnosed with an intestinal obstruction. Thankfully their hungry pup didn’t need exploratory surgery, and Bruno passed the toy on his own a few days later — a holiday miracle indeed!

But the Christmas “Toy Story” isn’t the only health adventure Bruno has weathered over the years. He’s also battled pneumonia, which he caught at doggie day care, and survived surgery to remove a baseball-sized abscess that turned out to be benign. Petplan saw him through it all and helped Bruno get back to his snuggly and healthy self — a gift that keeps on giving, just like his family’s love.

3-year-old bullmastiff

pet parents
kim cornell and keith boldon

unexpected tail
$699 for intestinal obstruction; $957 for pneumonia; $6,274 for abscess

lives in
new haven, ct