vanishing snack act

vanishing snack act
Posted by on Sep 27 2016

Kenzie is one of the kids — always “talking,” nagging for attention and begging to play, and her three human siblings are no doubt in cahoots with this young-at-heart character. The kids are constantly dropping food at dinner, and Kenzie is always there to vacuum it up — even if it’s a whole corn cob. “It just disappeared without any chewing,” says dad Edmond.

He took Kenzie to the vet when she refused to eat after her dangerous snack, and she had surgery to remove the obstructing culprit. Though she hasn’t tried any more food-vanishing acts, the family is more aware of her hitting up the kids for tasty handouts. “We try not to give the kids corn anymore,” laughs Edmond.


9-year-old alaskan malamute

lives in

San Francisco, CA

unexpected tail

$6,539 for corn cob ingestion