a vision of perseverance

a vision of perseverance
Posted by on Feb 16 2012

When Beth rescued Tucker from a Kansas puppy mill, he was in bad shape. To make matters worse, he kept getting underfoot during their walks around Manhattan. “He literally couldn’t even walk straight,” recalls Beth.

A visit with a veterinary ophthalmologist at the Animal Medical Center in New York revealed a partially detached retina, causing mixed signals in Tucker’s right eye and accounting for his impaired vision.

“We were told Tucker had about two weeks before the retina would become completely detached, but we were worried the surgery wouldn’t be covered,” admits Beth. “Happily, Petplan reimbursed us exactly how they said they would.”

For Beth, Tucker is the vision of perseverance in tough times. “Rescued dogs are always so interesting. With Tucker, you can see in his eyes what he’s experienced — and how far he’s come.”

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