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Lisa Serad
Exhibitor and Breeder of Rhodesian Ridgebacks

I've had pet insurance in the past from two other companies. One I was sort of happy with, then they stopped writing pet insurance plans. The other, a very well known company in the U.S, was an absolute disappointment. I purchased their "best" plan for my dog. After he injured his leg, I rushed him to the veterinary ER. I was wondering exactly what "best" meant and I found out quickly.  Their best was awful!

Hardly anything was covered, just 25% of the vet bill. They only paid for the "usual and customary” fees.  I guess they based their “usual and customary” on the lowest priced vet they could find!  At that point, I gave up on veterinary insurance and took the "self insured" route. Which essentially meant that I got a credit card with a high limit, that I reserved for dogs only.

I was one of the first people to enroll my dogs with Petplan when they launched in the US. With Petplan, I have peace of mind that my dogs are covered by the best insurance plan out there.

If you want to protect your pet, get a quote!

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