What is pet insurance?

Similar to health insurance for humans, pet insurance covers the cost of medical treatments for unexpected injuries and illnesses.

What pet insurance covers

Petplan provides the most comprehensive injury and illness pet insurance coverage for dogs and cats in the United States and Canada.

Our coverage includes:

    • accidents & injuries
    • illnesses
    • veterinary exams
    • diagnostic treatments
    • imaging—MRI, cat scan, ultrasound
    • prescription medications
    • cancer treatments
    • dental disease & injuries
    • surgery & rehabilitation
    • alternative therapies
    • behavioral therapies
    • unexpected passing from injury or illness
    • boarding kennel fees
    • and more

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What pet insurance doesn’t cover

At Petplan, we do not cover the following:

  • Pre-existing conditions

    Pre-existing conditions aren't covered. However, with Petplan, if a previously-cured condition remains symptom-free for an extended period, it may be eligible for coverage if symptoms return.

  • Routine & wellness care

    Pet medical insurance does not provide coverage for routine care such as spaying and neutering, teeth cleaning, flea and tick protection and vaccines.

  • Elective procedures

    Elective procedures like tail docking, ear cropping and declawing are ineligible for coverage unless deemed medically necessary by your vet.

  • Liability coverage

    In the unfortunate event that your pet causes damage to a person or property, this incident would not be covered by pet health insurance.

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How does pet insurance work?

Our pet insurance doesn’t limit you to a network, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can visit any vet. File a claim in three easy steps.


Get treatment

Visit any licensed veterinarian in Canada or the US. For those times when your cat thinks your shoestring is a snack.


File a claim

Submit a pet health insurance claim online or from your phone with the Petplan app. Because less paperwork is the best kind.


Be reimbursed

Look out for a wallet refill once your claim is approved.

Protecting your pet and your budget

With Petplan, you pay just a fraction of the cost of unexpected vet bills.

  • Periodontal disease

    Cost: $2,551

    Petplan paid: $2,304

    Pet parent paid: $247

  • Kidney failure

    Cost: $7,287

    Petplan paid: $6,558

    Pet parent paid: $729

  • Ear infection

    Cost: $4,048

    Petplan paid: $3,643

    Pet parent paid: $405


*These are examples according to Petplan claims data, and prices for medical services may vary.

How your personalized price is built

There are a number of factors that go into pricing a plan that’s perfect for you and your pet.


Some breeds have higher risk factors for hereditary issues.


It can be more expensive to insure older pets due to increased risk.


Costs of veterinary care vary from region to region.

Annual Coverage

The maximum annual amount you'll be reimbursed per policy year.


Annual amount you are responsible for before insurance kicks in.


Percentage you’ll be reimbursed after your co-payment and deductible have been met.

Come join the pack

Choose from different reimbursement options that fit you. But first, let’s get to know your pet.